Sardardham is an organization of patidar samaj, working eminently for the growth and expansion of it's community. The organization was established in 2010 and has been working on five of its major goals. Firstly,to create a social connection at global level,also provide a global communication platform to its community members, Secondly,to reach out its people and provide them basic and need terms of education with urban facilities and building hostels for girls and boys at affordable rates. Thirdly, to establish itself as samaj-setu,a form of community center where one can get help at financial as well as emotional levels. Fourthly, is to build the rest- houses at affordable rates in India as well as abroad. Last but not the least, Ujjval Bhavishya program that to focuses on career development of each individual. Through such programs, it will enable the community members to grow and mobilize themselves on a bigger platform. 

The samaj has its descendants residing all over the world and natives are very keen to reach out its community fellows and more resourceful. 

Sardardham is non - religious, non political organization & it is fully transparent.